How often you should replace your bras

Obviously, you wear bra, last year you will be less time. So every day you naked t-shirt bra will not like your best lingerie sets distance, you save on special occasions.

Sharon Weber, De Benham’s underwear purchase and design director, said the biggest reason for the bra wear is that it has not been properly installed.

“The poor fit of the bra will soon wear, so that the shoulder strap stretches and the wire becomes exposed, she tells the good line.

So, the biggest question is: how long should we replace our “daily” bra?

“We recommend every six months to be appropriate,” she added. That means the time you should replace your bra. Better to develop a call twice a year to remind us of the phone.

It is worth remembering how you clean and store your underwear as it will last. Like some of the more subtle pieces need to be washed and then (wardrobe space allowed) hang up the phone instead of in your underwear drawer.