Comfortable underwear brand recommended: Madewell Intimates Lingerie

Madewell is the next brand to enter intimate apparel and try out with other brands by offering their own choices. Comfortable and carefully crafted details of the effort to create Madewell close friend collections, although this is not surprising because these are clear brand names. All Madewell’s close friend’s 2017 spring line aims to compete with the current market.

The fabric is a customizable dream for the customer to design what is the best idea. The debris is fun and definitely not only cute, fit with the wearable Madewell brand, but also the level of comfort. Very important brands create the right mix of comfort and design, making it not only easy but also feasible to wear them intimate options. There are cute and good hide-and-seekers cut out, a sexy and stylish aesthetically pleasing these options to make funny unfamiliar underwear.

Madewell lingerie design is not the most scary, is a real gift – Mattewell created a line of close friends not too sexy but not boring. Joyce Lee, design director Madewell said intimate line of serious features Madewell aesthetic new “basic pieces”, suitable for everyday wear.


According to Joyce, “It was an organic process stemming from what the girls in our office were looking for. We really took into consideration who our customer is and what she’s looking for from us.” It is nice to see where this went as the collection seems cute, chic and fun, just like most of Madewell best products, so it is easy to predict that the Madewell Intimates line will do very well.

Madewell developed their own cotton modal, mesh and lace for the Madewell Intimates collection with the intent to have ultra durable, supportive and most of all comfortable under garments for their first line of intimates. The amount of thought that went into the options they are providing for their customers extended into the battle for comfort for all body types and accommodation for different sizes.

Apparently Madewell has decided that the sizes will run from XS to L rather than adhering to the standard cup sizes, but they expect that their research into catering to different body types and creating customer support fabrics and patters will help.


According to Joyce Lee, “the approach to intimates is a mix of form and function. She looks to us to give her pieces that are versatile, unfussy, simple and well-designed and in a minimal, effortless way. We’ve been looking for ways to expand into  lifestyle; we’re extending what we already offer her in her wardrobe and these are pieces that she’ll start her everyday dressing with.”